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Hegel P30A Balanced Preamplifier with SoundEngine

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Hegel P30A Balanced Preamplifier with SoundEngine

Introducing the Hegel P30A, The Conductor—a maestro of audio precision and control, orchestrating the intricate details, grandeur, emotions, and complexities of every musical composition. With flawless timing and an intimate understanding of both score and musicians, The Conductor unveils the essence of music as intended. It navigates effortlessly through low-key jazz, stadium rock, and everything in between, presenting a pristine, unaltered sonic canvas. The P30A stands as the epitome of a conductor—the finest you'll ever encounter.

As our reference preamplifier, The Conductor earns its nickname by directing the power amplifier with a signal that remains faithful to the music's truest form. In our perspective, the preamplifier is the linchpin of a superior sound system, and achieving its perfection is a formidable challenge. The minuscule signals emanating from the source are susceptible to corruption, demanding profound technical expertise and ingenious engineering to preserve their purity. The P30A embodies all our skills dedicated to achieving precisely that.

At its core, the P30A employs single pair FET transistors devoid of higher-order harmonic distortion. However, we take it a step further. Each transistor undergoes meticulous measurement and matching, ensuring identical values. This commitment to precision grants the P30A an unparalleled smoothness and natural sound, without sacrificing detail. The internal layout minimises signal path length, reducing the risk of distortion from electrical interference. To further minimise distortion, the music signal traverses only two transistors and an ultra-low-noise volume attenuator. The P30A incorporates Hegel's patented SoundEngine technology, actively monitoring and correcting music signals for intermodulation distortion in real-time.

This meticulous approach results in a preamplifier that handles low-amplitude music signals with utmost delicacy and minimal noise. Despite these efforts, some distortion may persist, but the P30A has one more ace up its sleeve. It is fully balanced throughout—two separate amplifiers, volume controls, and SoundEngine modules per channel. This design cancels out residual distortion, leaving you with a signal exceptionally close to the original source material.

The P30A boasts a versatile array of inputs and outputs. It features 2 balanced (XLR) and 3 unbalanced (RCA) inputs, along with a fixed-level Home Theatre input for seamless integration into a home theatre system. This input can also be configured as a normal input. On the output side, you have one balanced (XLR) and two unbalanced (RCA) variable outputs—all active—allowing connection to multiple devices simultaneously. One unbalanced RCA output can even be configured as a fixed volume output. The P30A further offers a 3.5mm IR-direct input and a 12V trigger output connector. In essence, it is a highly versatile, incredibly quiet, and naturally resonant preamplifier, poised to be the heart of any high-end audio system. The P30A—a true virtuoso, conducting the symphony of all music.

Key Features
  • Fully balanced
  • Hand matched components
  • > 130 dB SNR
  • 2 XLR and 3 RCA inputs
  • Home Theatre input
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR balanced, 3 x RCA unbalanced and Home Theatre inputs
  • Outputs: 1 x XLR balanced and 2 x RCA unbalanced outputs
  • Other connections: 3,5mm IR-direct jack, 3.5 mm jack 12V trigger output
  • Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB
  • Distortion: Less than 0.005 %
  • Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19kHz+20kHz)
  • Remote control: Volume, source, and mute