1. Surround Sound Reproduced at Home as Cinema Experience

    Had you ever teared up watching a very emotional film?

    The cinema experience is virtual reality in action, recreating natural events happening around you by tricking your senses using several sonic and visual effects that will drag you into the middle of the action where you can live the experience.

    Creating immersive multidimensional sound effects requires multiple sources of sound (channels) and technologies such as Dolby or DTS that will allow the professional audio mixers and...

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  2. Is Your System Picking Up Bad Vibrations?

    Most people might find it hard to believe that a piece of material 50mm square and less than 1mm thick could make a major audio improvement to your Turntable and Audio Components. However, as you’re about to find out, it absolutely can.

    Introducing Les Davis Audio

    Les Davis is a lifelong lover of music. He’s also a musician and HiFi enthusiast who started researching the effects of vibration on sound quality as far back as 1988 and came up with some surprising results.


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  3. Richter Legend Series 6 Special Event

    Australian-owned Richter Audio is launching their hotly-anticipated new Legend Series 6 range and we’re very proud to be hosting the official launch. Join us on Saturday 21 September along with special guests from Richter Audio managing director Brian Rodgers and senior engineer Dr Martin Gosnell as we proudly help launch the hotly anticipated new Legend Series 6 range during a special, one day only exclusive in-store event!

    When: Saturday...

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  4. What is it that makes MoFi Electronics unique?

    Since vinyl’s near-death in the mid-2000s, the last twelve years has instead seen its continued growth, with artists and record companies re-issuing remastered and limited editions of many collectable titles. It’s not surprising then, that with this growth we’ve also seen a huge resurgence in the manufacturing of turntables. For example, Rega is currently shipping upwards of 4,000 turntables a month. However, whilst there are plenty of vinyl record and turntable manufacturers around...

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  5. Audio Junction Welcomes Paradigm and Musical Fidelity

    Here in the store, we’re always on the lookout for great new products or brands. Mind you, we’re not a store that desires to stock every make and model. Instead, we strive to offer a concise product range that takes the guesswork out of your next HiFi purchase by demonstrating – what we believe to be – the best products in their class. We listen and evaluate products before we stock them (just like you would do before buying them) and evaluate not just performance, but also value for money, reliability...

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  6. Record Store Day 2019 Limited Edition Releases

    As an official Record Store Day retailer, we’re proud to be joining in the festivities this year with RSD limited-edition vinyl releases from big-name artists and special one-day-only turntable deals and giveaways.

    With the big day just around the corner (Saturday 13 April), we’ve compiled our list of expected RSD arrivals. All releases are very limited (with only one copy of some items) so be quick to avoid disappointment...

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  7. How a Quality Cartridge Upgrade Can Transform Your Turntable

    The cartridge – including the stylus, also referred to as the needle – makes up just a tiny portion of your turntable. Even the largest on the market barely tip the scales at 20 grams and are no bigger than a cherry.

    Despite their small size, cartridges are one of the most significant components of a record player. They have the all-important task of transforming the grooves of a vinyl record into an electrical signal. And that’s why swapping out a worn or sub-par cartridge (if your record...

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  8. NAD Masters M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier – First Look

    Separate components have many benefits for those chasing the ultimate sound quality. However, for those who value simplicity, the NAD Masters M10 could be all you ever need. With the M10, NAD has combined state-of-the-art amplification with some of the best streaming software around. The result is a space-saving all-in-one solution with very little compromise.

    If you’re like many music listeners nowadays, chances are that your primary music source is streaming or storage...

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  9. Introducing the all new DP-400 Semi-Automatic Turntable by Denon

    Although historically well known for some fine turntables. Not to mention other achievements such as Japan’s first electronics manufacturer and the legendary DL-103 moving coil cartridge. Denon’s more modern-day turntable offerings, however, have been more firmly rooted in the entry-level. With the exception of the DP-300F that is, when partnered with a well-matched cartridge and good phono pre-amp (and good isolation) makes a solid case for those who must have an automatic operation. As such, it...

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  10. Special Event Announcement! Naim NDX 2 & Focal Kanta 2 In-Store Experience – 1 December

    Naim NDX 2

    Driven by a passion for the same uncompromising listening experiences that our customers demand, Naim seeks to go beyond an audiophile sound that is technically brilliant and strive for the glorious emotional experience of the music.

    Naim’s latest network players have been engineered on the basis of a completely new streaming system. Three years in the making, this innovative, Naim-designed digital technology surpasses anything they’ve done before. Combining...

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