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Hegel H30A Power Amplifier

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Hegel H30A Power Amplifier

Enter The Orchestra – The Hegel H30A, a reference power amplifier that commands any musical piece on any speaker, effortlessly delivering an unparalleled performance. Like a seasoned conductor leading a grand orchestra, the H30A ensures that every note is played with precision, whether in vast stadiums or intimate cellar clubs. This powerhouse of an amplifier boasts 1100 watts in 8 ohms in its mono state and remains stable even with 1-ohm loads.

The H30A's power supply is a masterpiece, featuring two separate 1000 VA toroidal transformers for rapid response and minimal transformer hum. With a power bank of 270,000 μF capacitors, it can tackle the most challenging musical pieces at any volume, always maintaining ample power in reserve. The output stage is fortified with 56 pieces of 15A 200W high-speed, ultra-low distortion bipolar transistors, allowing it to confidently drive any speaker without being affected by sensitivity or load variations.

However, power alone is not enough – the H30A ensures that every detail is meticulously reproduced. The input stage is fortified against electrical interference using single pair FET transistors, eliminating higher-order harmonic distortion. To combat other types of distortion, Hegel employs its patented SoundEngine technology, actively monitoring and correcting for distortion in real-time as the signal is amplified. The result is a smooth, natural sound that doesn't compromise on details.

While designed as a mono power amplifier, the H30A can also be used as a stereo power amplifier, featuring both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs and a 12V trigger input. The high-quality, gold-plated speaker binding posts ensure the best possible connection. The H30A transcends the typical "more" associated with amplifier upgrades – its immense power and detail render the concept irrelevant. The bass is profoundly deep yet controlled, high frequencies are exceptionally detailed without fatigue, and midrange vocals exhibit sublime articulation. The H30A embodies total control, effortlessly driving any loudspeaker with authority, musicality, and a relaxed demeanour. It stands as the spearhead of Hegel's amplifier technology – The Orchestra that breathes life into every musical piece in any venue.

Key Features
  • SoundEngine2
  • 56 Bipolar Transistors
  • Mono/Stereo
  • Output power: More than 1100 W in 8 ohms (mono)
  • Min. load impedance: 1 ohm load
  • Inputs: RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced
  • Speaker outputs: One pair of heavy duty gold plated terminals
  • Input impedance: Balanced 20 kohm, unbalanced 10 kohm
  • Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB
  • Distortion: Less than 0.003% at 100 W in 8 ohm
  • Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19 kHz + 20 kHz)
  • Damping factor: More than 500 (mono)
  • Power supply: 2000 VA dual mono, 270,000 μF capacitors
  • Output stage: 56 pcs 15 A 200 W high speed, ultra-low distortion bipolar transistors
  • Power consumption: 120 W in idle mode