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Rega AYA - Elevating Audio Excellence with Exquisite Floor Standing Speakers

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Rega AYA - Elevating Audio Excellence with Exquisite Floor Standing Speakers


Crafted over a decade by a team of Rega designers under the leadership of Rega's founder, Roy Gandy, the AYA loudspeakers guarantee a nuanced and well-balanced performance across various music genres. They feature Rega-designed, handmade drivers, complemented by our ZRR high-frequency tweeter and a new crossover. Engineers have meticulously refined every element to ensure optimal performance. The sculpted cabinets and stands contribute to an appealing, floating effect, enhancing the distinctive visual appeal.

Following a decade of trials and refinement, the Rega AYA loudspeakers have come to fruition. Encased in a distinctive cabinet crafted in the UK from GRC (glass reinforced cement), the construction, incorporating glass fibers, not only reduces weight but also enhances the structural integrity of this 2.5-way band pass design. Through this method, an ideal loudspeaker enclosure is achieved, amplifying performance while providing exceptional value for money. With the synergy of the innovative enclosure and drive unit configuration, the AYA loudspeakers produce a precise and tight bass response, along with Rega's characteristic midrange and detailed highs.

In order to uphold our commitment to providing outstanding performance and value for money, Rega had to explore alternative options due to the escalating costs of real wood veneered MDF cabinets. After a decade of trials and development, the AYA loudspeakers now reside in a distinctive cabinet manufactured in the UK, molded from glass-reinforced cement. The glass fibers in the construction reduce weight while simultaneously enhancing the structural integrity of this 2.5-way band pass enclosure.

This innovative technique results in the creation of the perfect loudspeaker enclosure, boosting performance and offering exceptional value for money. The process of molding the AYA loudspeaker cabinets was developed in collaboration with a prominent UK-based company known for bespoke concrete furniture and installations.

Rega enthusiasts are familiar with our history of questioning marketing and scientific claims in the turntable realm, using genuine engineering to produce top-notch sound quality at reasonable prices. The loudspeaker market, however, differs significantly, with a valid scientific and engineering discipline giving rise to numerous competitors. While many loudspeaker companies rely on extensive marketing and advertising budgets, Rega allocates its funds to research and development, leading to a truly unique cabinet construction.

*Loudspeaker grilles are available as an optional extra and will be supplied separately. To maintain cost-effectiveness and minimise waste, we have opted not to include grilles as standard, considering that the majority of customers choose not to use them. These grilles easily attach via magnets to the front plate screws, preventing cone or tweeter damage, and are covered in quality speaker cloth material to minimise any potential impact on appearance. Images of the grille can be found in the gallery section.

Similar to real wood veneer, GRC possesses its own characteristics. Each cabinet will exhibit unique differences due to the manufacturing process. Variations in shade and small surface holes in the cement are common and expected aspects of the design, contributing to the distinctive character of these unique cabinets.

Key Features
  • Custom GRC cabinet (glass reinforced cement)
  • Band pass cabinet design
  • 2.5 way system
  • Rega designed ZRR high frequency unit
  • 5" Handmade MX-125 Bass mid driver
  • 7" Handmade RR7.8 Bass driver
  • *Optional loudspeaker grilles
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects