Technics SL-1500C Direct Drive Turntable



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Coreless Direct-Drive

The technologies acquired through the development of the Technics SL-1200 Series and the high-end SL-1000R model have been lavishly inserted into the SL-1500C’s motor drive unit, a key part of the turntable. The motor exclusively tunes the single-rotor, coreless direct-drive motor adopted by the SL-1500C in order to read the high rotation accuracy and high-precision signals of the record. Optimal motor control is conducted for the inertial mass of the two-layer structure platter on which the vinyl record is placed with deadening rubber on the entire back surface to eliminate unwanted resonance in the aluminium die-cast platter to eliminate the rotation irregularity called cogging.

The aluminium die-cast chassis is rigidly integrated with a special material consisting of ABS mixed with glass fibre to achieve a two-layer construction. The insulator is comprised of a spring and rubber to provide optimal vibration-damping characteristics. The tonearm is a static-balance universal S-shape tonearm, another Technics tradition.

Complete Turntable with a Built-in Phono Equalizer and Cartridge

In order to enjoy playing analogue records straight out of the box, the SL-1500C features a built-in phono equalizer and bundled cartridge. There is no need to separately prepare either one, making it easy to link with a wide range of audio equipment. The shield structure of the built-in phono equalizer suppresses the effects of external noise and noise from the power supply. It is also equipped with a switch to turn the LINE output off when it is not being used.

The turntable has been designed to thoroughly shut-out adverse effects to the PHONO output. The dedicated power supply for the PHONO output terminal is isolated from the power supply for the LINE output terminal and has been designed to prioritize sound quality by minimising the wiring of the PHONO signal. The isolated terminals also prevent wiring mistakes.

The SL-1500C comes bundled with a highly-acclaimed Ortofon 2M RED moving-magnet cartridge.

Auto Lifter Function

When the tonearm reaches the end of the record, the Auto Lifter function automatically raises the cartridge. This prevents unnecessary wear on your valuable vinyl records and stylus. By embedding the Auto Lifter function in the base portion of the tonearm, it eliminates impacts to the tonearm. Due to a simple design that doesn’t use motor power, there is no electrical or vibrational impact and it will not prevent the movement of the tonearm.

In response to requests from many users regarding the Auto Lifter function, a design that prioritises sound quality was adopted. The functions required to playback records were kept to a bare minimum, achieving simple and easy-to-use operability.

Simple Design with Functional Beauty

The SL-1500C sports a simple design without unnecessary frills, while retaining the superb operating feel that is a Technics tradition. The attractive appearance lets you enjoy playing records to your heart’s content.

Key Features

  • The Latest Coreless Direct Drive Motor Achieves High-precision Stable Rotation
  • Complete turntable with a built-in phono equalizer and cartridge
  • Equipped with an auto lifter function that allows you to enjoy playing records more comfortably
  • Simple design with functional beauty


Type: Drive Manual Turntable
Turntable Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 and 78 r/min
Starting Torque: 0.18 N・m / 1.8 kg・cm
Build-up Characteristics: 0.7 s. from standstill to 33 1/3 rpm
Wow And Flutter: 0.025 % W.R.M.S.
Turntable Platter: Aluminium diecast
Diameter: 332 mm
Weight: Approx. 2.0 kg (Including rubber sheet)

Tonearm Section
Type: Universal Static Balance
Effective Length: 230 mm
Overhang: 15 mm
Tracking Error Angle: Within 2° 32′ (at the outer groove of 30 cm (12″) record), Within 0° 32′ (at the inner groove of 30 cm (12″) record)
Offset Angle: 22°
Arm-height Adjustment Range: 0 – 6 mm
Stylus Pressure Adjustment Range: 0 – 4 g (Direct Reading)
Head Shell Weight: Approx. 7.6 g

Audio Output: Phono (RCA) x 1, Earth Terminal x 1, Line (RCA) x 1

Power Consumption: 8 W, Approx. 0.2W (Standby)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 453 x 169 x 372 mm
Weight: Approx. 9.9 kg

Critic Reviews

“If you’re after a great sounding but fuss-free record player the SL-1500C is a great buy” 
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“The Technics SL-1500C Turntable is more deserving of the ‘Technics’ badge than anything the company’s done in a while – it’s that good.” 
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“…the Technics SL-1500C is an incredibly well-rounded, easy-to-use, well-built piece …” 
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There’s plenty of competition at this price point, but the Technics SL-1500C makes a convincing case for being the vinyl deck you take home.” 
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“…clean, well-proportioned and utterly timeless.” 
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