IsoAcoustics Aperta 100 Speaker Isolation Stands (Pair)

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A premier audio experience depends not only on the quality of your speakers but also on the way they are set up. Ever take home a set of speakers that sounded spectacular in the showroom only to find something missing? IsoAcoustics stands use the science of acoustics to help you get the richest, most high fidelity aural experience out of your home audio system investment.

The patented IsoAcoustics isolation stand Aperta (which means ‘open’ in Italian) allows for the full three-dimensional soundstage in your music. Speakers float, eliminating reflections from being conducted back into the structure that creates bass smear and resulting in a lack of clarity and openness. You will hear the difference immediately.

Sculpted from aluminium frames, the Aperta creates a parallelogram structure with isolators in the top and bottom sections to provide a high level of separation of sound. To adjust performance and response of the stands, they are tuned by managing the shape, thickness, and durometer of the isolators. You can immediately hear the results. Moreover, the Aperta has a built-in tilt adjustment that can be dialled-in 6.5 degrees upward and downwards to optimize your speaker placement and focus.

With an overall size of 155x190x75mm (WxDxH), the Aperta 100 stands complement medium size desktop, bookshelf and floor standing speakers weighing up to 18kg.

Key Features

  • Suitable for small to medium-sized bookshelf, or floor standing speaker.
  • Built-in tilt adjustment that can be dialed-in 6.5° up and down.
  • Designed to accommodate speakers weighing < 18kg (ea.)


Dimensions (WxDxH): 155 x 190 x 75 mm
Weight Handling: Up to 18kg (each)

Critic Reviews

“Put simply: applying an improvement of greater magnitude than a really good loudspeaker cable upgrade, hearing first hand what the IsoAcoustics stands can do, listening to desktop speakers without them borders on the intolerable.” Click for full review.