DALI EPICON 2 Stand Mount Speakers


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If you dream of fantastic sound experiences the EPICON 2 is the perfect escape. Don’t be fooled by the size of the loudspeaker – the most diminutive in the EPICON family.

Sitting gracefully upon its custom-made stand EPICON 2 produces an astonishingly large and accurate three-dimensional sound that will impress even the most rigorous demands of true audiophiles.

The Powerful Younger Sibling

The two-channel speaker features a 6 ½“ bass driver and a soft cone dome tweeter. In fact, the technological breakthroughs designed for the larger EPICON 6 and EPICON 8 models have been channelled into EPICON 2 to create a loudspeaker that performs way beyond its size expectations.

EPICON 2 demonstrates perfectly what this series is all about: Minimal signal degradation… or put bluntly: Transparency and revelation taken to an – until-now – unseen level!

This speaker demonstrates a highly linear and coherent response and integrates well with small to medium-sized rooms. The woofer roll-off is slow, and the speaker reaches deep into the lowest frequencies. All in all, in most setups this will sound like a much larger speaker than it really is.

Within its working range, the EPICON 2 will fully match the performance quality of its larger siblings, the EPICON 6 and EPICON 8. This is the new compact loudspeaker for the purist seeking high-performance.

Key Features

SMC Technology

Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) makes up the heart of the magnet motor system, where it reduces colouration and distortion to a minimum compared to conventional drivers. SMC makes the music come alive inside your living room.

Linear Drive Magnet System

The new innovative in-house developed SMC based Linear Drive Magnet System eliminates four distortion factors in the driver motor system. Eddy current, Hysteresis, Flux variations and Voice Coil Inductance.

In-House Made Woofers

The latest generation of the wood fibre cones, including a new cone impregnation process and a new post-assembly coating. DALI EPICON woofers are not only developed – but also manufactured at the DALI headquarters in Denmark!

Multi-layer MDF

Constructed from 6 individual layers of MDF glued together to form a rigid construction that reduces cabinet resonances. The rounded shape practically eliminated standing waves.


Frequency Range (+/-3 dB): 47 – 30,000Hz
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m): 87dB
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
Maximum SPL: 108dB
Recommended Amplifier Power: 30 – 200W
Crossover Frequency: 3,100Hz
Crossover Principle: 2 way
High-frequency driver: 1 x 29 mm Soft Textile Dome
Low-frequency driver: 1 x 6.5″ Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency: 43Hz
Connection Input: Bi-Amping
Recommended Distance From Wall: >25 cm
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD): 386 x 214 x 366 mm
Accessories Included: Manual, Rubber pads, Terminal Links, Front Grille
Weight: 10.3kg

Critic Reviews

“Dali is no stranger to making top-class speakers, and the engaging Epicon 2’s serve only to reinforce that reputation”
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With a price tag like this you might expect nothing less, but even so there’s no denying that the Dali Epicon 2 deliver heavenly sound quality.” 
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