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Hegel H95 Integrated Amplifier | Streaming DAC | Airplay 2

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Hegel H95 Integrated Amplifier | Streaming DAC | Airplay 2

In the seductive world of audio allure, Albert Einstein's profound words echo: "The measure of INTELLIGENCE is the ability to CHANGE." The H95 not only pays homage to this wisdom but personifies it with an irresistible charm. Consider it not merely an amplifier but an intelligent maestro, orchestrating a symphony of pleasure with complete streaming prowess, featuring AirPlay and UPnP streaming that caters to the desires of the modern digital generation.

Intelligence today is a tantalising promise for tomorrow, a philosophy Hegel embraces passionately. The H95 isn't just an audio device; it's an ever-evolving masterpiece. Its built-in software, upgradeable over the air, ensures a seamless infusion of enhanced functionalities and novel features, transforming your auditory experience effortlessly, without a hint of hassle or cost.

Yet, the true allure lies within the H95's captivating core. In an era dominated by digital media, it flaunts a Digital-to-Analog converter of the highest echelon, executing the transition from digital to analog with a sophistication that is nothing short of intelligent seduction. Crafted in-house by the Hegel team, it seizes control of the digital data stream, ensuring the delivery of pure, unadulterated digital music, allowing you to amplify the volume with an uninhibited crescendo of pleasure.

The H95 unveils its pièce de résistance with the patented SoundEngine2 technology – a sensory delight that transcends ordinary audio encounters. This technology, akin to a lover's caress, diminishes signal distortion to negligible levels, inviting you to immerse yourself entirely in the euphoria of your music or cinematic dalliances. SoundEngine2's mastery extends to a spellbinding bass control and a firm grip on your loudspeakers, with a damping factor up to 20 times higher than the industry average. The result is a dynamic, agile, and potent bass response, where 60 watts of output power confidently serenade even the most challenging speakers.

The H95 isn't just a fleeting affair; it's designed to adapt to your evolving desires. Its inputs are like love notes, configurable to fixed level inputs, seamlessly integrating into Home Theater or Multi Room fantasies. A high-quality headphone output, a variable pre-output for additional temptations, and a sleek OLED display complete this symphony of temptation, making the H95 the central 'engine' of your desires. With Hegel's cool design and signature sound quality, each addition unveils the layers of a multi-talented system, promising a journey into the realms of intelligent audio indulgence. That, my friend, is intelligence personified – an irresistible dance of desire with every note.

Key Features
  • 6 Digital Inputs
  • SoundEngine 2
  • Apple AirPlay
  • UPnP Streaming
  • Headphone Output
  • Software Upgradeable
  • 2 x 60 Watts
  • Streaming DAC