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Hegel H600 Integrated Amplifier

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Hegel H600 Integrated Amplifier

Introducing the H600, our seductive reference integrated amplifier that stands as a sonic powerhouse. Unleash its 303 watts in 8 ohms, a damping factor of 4000, and 2-ohm drive capability, ensuring it confidently commands any speaker with unmatched ease. This dual mono design brings the performance of two mono amps into a single, tantalising box.

The state-of-the-art preamplifier, adorned with the precision of our reference P30A amplifier's volume attenuator, is meticulously designed in-house. Only the finest components are chosen, granting unparalleled control over the amplification process. Coupled with the transformative SoundEngine2 correction technology, the result is an audio signal mirroring the original recording, crafting an expansive soundstage with dynamic range and unparalleled bass control. Every detail and nuance in the music comes to life, inviting you to pair it with speakers of your choice.

The H600's bit-perfect D/A Converter, untouched by resampling or upsampling, ensures pure audio fidelity. Shielded by a robust steel plate, the dedicated power supply guarantees uncontaminated and stable performance. Its aluminium chassis, featuring a solid bottom and top cover with dual-layered vents, provides enhanced rigidity and airflow. Anti-scratch designed aluminium feet offer stability, reducing vibrations. Touch-controlled, tactile knobs contribute to effortless operation and a tactile delight in every adjustment.

Ease of use meets advanced streaming options with UPnP streaming, Spotify Connect, Airplay, Tidal Connect, Chromecast built-in™, and Roon Ready (pending). The amplifier adapts to any environment, offering signal sense on most digital inputs, volume limitation, and remote-control compatibility with common TV remotes. Firmware updates, ensuring perpetual advancement, are effortlessly installed, keeping your H600 perpetually up to date.

An array of analog and digital connections, including True Balanced XLR and RCA inputs, LAN network port, USB 32/384 input, optical and coaxial inputs, and multiple output options, cements the H600 as an exceptionally capable and great-sounding amplifier. Versatile, high-end, and minimalistic, the H600 redefines the hub for your digital music, making it a captivating centrepiece suitable for any interior style—a true powerhouse for the audio connoisseur.

Key Features
  • Dual Mono
  • SoundEngine 2
  • Bit-Perfect DAC
  • Spotify Connect
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Tidal Connect
  • Chromecast built-in™