1. Surround Sound Reproduced at Home as Cinema Experience

    Had you ever teared up watching a very emotional film?

    The cinema experience is virtual reality in action, recreating natural events happening around you by tricking your senses using several sonic and visual effects that will drag you into the middle of the action where you can live the experience.

    Creating immersive multidimensional sound effects requires multiple sources of sound (channels) and technologies such as Dolby or DTS that will allow the professional audio mixers and...

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  2. What is it that makes MoFi Electronics unique?

    Since vinyl’s near-death in the mid-2000s, the last twelve years has instead seen its continued growth, with artists and record companies re-issuing remastered and limited editions of many collectable titles. It’s not surprising then, that with this growth we’ve also seen a huge resurgence in the manufacturing of turntables. For example, Rega is currently shipping upwards of 4,000 turntables a month. However, whilst there are plenty of vinyl record and turntable manufacturers around...

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